Saturday, July 26, 2008

wow this is a long vacation...

...and i'm having a great time - no stress, no worry, sense of confidence that ww is doing great in my absence

but i've been off so long it doesn't feel like vacation, it feels like unemployment

(which, btw, it's not...or, at least it wasn't when i left :)

i'm having lots of fun with carmel and the kids, but i miss my job. i really love what do and i love where i'm doing it. the winds has given me a place to follow my convictions and lead in ways that feel right and true - and i can't wait to get back into the saddle with john and dive into the fall (no freudian readings here please...and, sorry for mixing the metapors)

anyways, 10 more vacation days to go.

Monday, July 07, 2008

loving vacation

loving vacation right, fun food, family, adventures

having fun fooling around with tumblr, squidoo, and weebly as well. i left my mac in j-town, so i'm back in pc-ville (which sucks, btw, i'm sooo happy with mac)

anyway, things are good. i'm destressing about genesis...i think there's good fruit bound for the winds. my aim really is to help us grow in our understanding and knowledge of god, and to help our kids grow in the same way. we're at an impasse with science and the christian world, and i think our series in genesis will push us toward a god-honoring + scripture-loving reconciliation between the two.

i'll need some prayer for that series though - it'll either be the best ever, or my last ever :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

tumblr micro blog

i know i said i wouldn't be blogging on my vacation (because it'd feel like work) but i've been playing around with tumblr and i think i'm gonna use it as my travel blog.

there's a tumblr roll on the bottom left side of this blog where you can follow my updates, or just go to