Friday, September 25, 2009

Archetypes FAQ: what about pastors and the gift of pastoring at ww? (PART TWO)

Archetypes FAQ: what about pastors and the gift of pastoring at westwinds? (PART ONE)

Archetypes FAQ: are the archetypes "made up?"

Archetypes FAQ: what about doing something you're not necessarily gifted at?

Archetypes FAQ: how can i tell if it's a spiritual gift or a natural ability?

Creation via Twitter

(found this juicy gem online...enjoy)

Day One

Let there B-lite. OMG! Or shld I say Oh Me! It’s so much easier 2-C now. WTF was I thinking B4? Spent the rest of the day dividing lite from darkness. It is good. :-)

Day Two

Made a firmament (sort of a dome thing) to divide the waters under firmament from the waters above. Assigned firmament the file name . +<:-)

Day Three

Gathered waters and let dry land appear. Dry land tagged , waters tagged . Uploaded grass and herb-yielding seed into folder. GR8!

Day Four

More lighting wk. Installed 1 great lite to rule day [] & lesser lite to rule night []. Beta tested them & everything seems to work. It is gd. :-D

Day Five

Bushed from tweaking fish & fowl files. They wouldn’t be fruitful and multiply until I found it’s a simple command. >:-? Thank Me It’s Friday.

Day Six

Created 2 humans, file names and . At last - I now have 2 Twitter followers! Tweeting just to myself is sooo Day One. LOL! ;-)

Day Seven

[no tweets]

Monday, September 21, 2009

the best of jackson (which happens to be pretty awesome)

when Carmel and I first moved to Jackson, MI from Surrey BC we knew there would be an adjustment period. we didn't, however, anticipate that the most acute part of that adjustment would be the loss of such great eats as Earl's, Milestones, the Keg, etc. There just aren't the same casual dining restaurants stateside (let alone in the blue collar machineworks of Jackson) as there are in the Great White North (insert koo-loo-koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-koo here).

however, having spent 4 and a half years in Jacktown, we've come to identify some pretty spectacular spots.

here, then, are my absolute favorite places to eat in the fine city of Jackson, my home:

Daryl's Downtown - this is our one truly nice place to eat. Great food. consistent. baked rolls that - i'm sure - had a part to play in the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand. this is the place to take people to show them our town has class.

The Oak Tree Lounge - this is the best dirty bar in town, with the best blue cheese burger, and a staff that is still courteous and kind. other dirty bars (the westpoint, for example) have sentimental value to long-term jacksonites but (let's be honest) are so gross that i'd probably rather stab my own eyes out that go there on purpose.

Klavon's Pizzeria and Pub - great atmosphere, great pizza, best spot (just outside of) in town.

Hinkley's Bakery - Hinkley's makes doughnuts out of angel's kisses and magic sugar. nothing in the world tastes so good as a freshly baked (still warm) hinkley's doughnut hole.

Schlenker's - i know the actual restaurant is a health inspector's worst nightmare, but there is not a better hamburger/french fry combo in the universe.

The International Dog House - i resisted going here for a long time...because it looks and sounds like a dissentary ambush, but this is the only place in Michigan where you can get a hotdog large than 1/8" in diameter and tasting like anything other than old macaroni water.

On the Ave - the food's a little light and a little froo-froo-shee-shee for my tastes, but they've got the best brewed coffee in the state

Giglio's - great italian food...a fun date night

The Parlour - this place actually has decent food, you'll just have to wait about an hour to get any of it. best stick to the ice cream, which is terrific.

the Roxy Cafe - this was my first "oh - my - gosh - i'm - in - heaven" spot, discovered shortly after moving here. the roxy is the single greatest hole-in-the-wall ever in existence. i'd go there for breakfast everyday, just to be a better man.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Suggested Authors

Today in the Cue we spoke about being an Intellectual (one of our 12 spiritual archetypes). If you consider yourself an Intellectual, here are some writers you may consider reading:

Greg Boyd
Rob Bell
Mark Driscoll
NT Wright
Jeremy Begbie
Len Sweet
Peter Rollins
J. Richard Middleton
Walter Brueggemann

So far, so good

We're sitting in the Atlanta airport, 1 hour from our flight to Johannesburg, and everything is going swell no far.

No infections
No nausea
No faux pas
No cultural awkwardness
No " bad" moments

I've finished two books (the trouble with Paris, by mark Sayers and Jesus: the final days by Craig evans and nt wright) and eaten two dinners.

Feel full in my belly and brains.

Next? A 14 hour trip into awesomeness.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009