Saturday, November 12, 2005

how much is enough?

i've often wondered about how much theology you have to have right to go to heaven?

i mean, followers of jc in the nt literally followed him around from place to place - they weren't great thinkers or theologians. in fact, most of them were as ignorant as your average doughnut about spiritual equations, so how accurate was their theology? or the church in corinth? or mine, for that matter?

is following jesus because you love him the same thing as following jesus to get into heaven? and, do both/or qualify you for salvation?

just asking questions to irritate my grandmother,



  1. I think it's as simple as a child wanting God and as complex as a theologian who can tell you why the child wants God.

  2. nicely put, tony - i'm inclined to agree, though most theologians i know would not and most children i know confuse god with santa.