Friday, March 07, 2008

top 10 items on Jacob's thank-you prayer list

every night before bed my son and i list 3 things we're thankful for. as part of our causemology wave for nov-dec i'd been writing them down (causemology is our spiritual formation thing at westwinds).

here are my top 10 favs from the little dude (discounting, of course, the many times "mommy, grandma, grandpa, papa, grandma glenda," etc. were named:

"i'm thankful for..."

10. optimus prime

9. that we played secret agent

8. charlie, my pet monkey

7. my four girlfriends - faith, madison, cecily, oliva (sorry, gals)

6. feeling happy

5. wrestling with my family

4. clapping my hands when i get excited

3. the happy tree (a big tree in our backyard that, whenever jake was sad after moving here, immediately helped him to stop crying and cheer up)

2. that jesus keeps the monsters away

1. my daddy

* i know i said i wouldn't include the obvious ones like mommy, etc. - but this is my blog for cryin' out loud... :)

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