Wednesday, November 05, 2008

do something useful

carmel and i each participate in weekly bible studies.

our two studies, bloom & the misfit toys, are joining together to build a house for a family outside Johannesburg with my friend sarah (maxie).

here are some fotos of the work maxie has done before. it's modest work, but a massive help for a family in tremendous need. each house costs $750 USD, so between bloom and the misfits we can afford it this month.

anyway - it kills me sometimes to think about how god has remarkably blessed us here in jackson...and how little we appreciate it...and how little with do with it.

taking a small amount of money from a couple dozen people and building a home like this one hardly counts as a major strike against inequity...but it's a start.

a start.

and, perhaps, for most of us a start is all that is required for us to begin living differently.

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