Monday, June 15, 2009

pastors only work on sundays

i spent last week working from home in my basement office on the teaching atlas for nehemiah.  it looks awesome.  it is awesome.

anyway, we've had a couple of guys - joe byler sr. and joe byler jr., great guys - doing a little soft construction for us outside (cement patio, new decking, etc).  

which means they saw me "at home" thursday and friday.

today is monday, my day off, so i'm at home while the guys are here again...and i feel that funny misnomer rearing its ugly head: pastors only work on sundays...cause dave is home thurs, fri, and monday.


of course, joe and joe haven't said anything to this effect, it's just my own anxiety after a lifetime of dealing with that assumption from some goofy weirdos...first aimed at Dad - who routinely worked so much he gathered more frequent flyer miles, hospital parking tickets, and counseling appts than any human has a right to - and then, later, aimed at yours truly.

so, to counter my own spooky feelings - which, again, have nothing to do with the two fantastic gents in my yard today - i will take the children golfing.

for jesus.

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