Tuesday, October 27, 2009

writing on the incarnation

i love writing.

i just had a realization this week that my job is great precisely because it allows me - encourages me! - to write.

i think if i were all alone in the world, with no certainty that anyone who ever read what i have written, i would still write. i feel god's presence when i create something, or (re)create something (as is the case with the current work i'm doing on the incarnation).

i'm deeply gratified at how many thousands of people have read our westwinds' teaching atlases. it feels good to know that the thing i love has a residual payoff.

but honestly, i've been writing (and writing music, and drawing, and photographing, and mixing, and designing) ever since i could hold a pen...

and it felt just as good then as it does now.

thanks, all, for being a part of one of my life's great joys.

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