Friday, March 19, 2010

for the winds...

of course, i've had plenty of time to think about the winds while i've been away and i've got lots cookin...

two things are worth mentioning here, as a tiny priming of the pumps

#1 i'm jonesing to try some new stuff with the teaching, but i'll need help. i want the teaching to be as interactive as possible - catering to those of all learning styles and intelligences - so i'm looking for techno-geeks and some artsy-fartsy types to help me pimp stuff out on the weekends

#2 because the winds has always been a *boutique and not a *big box kind of church, we've always known that our future successes are more likely to come in the shape of multiple locations (of boutique churches) rather than transitioning our church into a kind of holy walmart. we've failed twice at this: once we pulled the plug in ann arbor (because our friend randy got sick and creating new churches was WAY less of a priority), and once we aborted a merger with another church. somehow, someway, we've got to get back on the multi-site horse and make a ride for the sunrise.

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