Sunday, April 18, 2010

inglorious pastors: Waging Peace in a World of War

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  1. At the risk of sounding like a heresy hunter, I’m willing to ask the question anyway: Do you think Tony Campolo’s theology squares with reality or practicality? Do you think what he teaches is what Jesus had in mind? Is he referring to the same Jesus of the trinity who’s Father in the Hebrew Scriptures commanded and ordained war in certain circumstances? Would he say the Godhead changed their mind about war and mercy?

    Or do you think he suggests I stand idly by as an uninvited intruder enters my home in the dark of night and ravages my wife and sons instead of introducing a Louisville Slugger (or worse) to the side of the intruder’s jaw?

    That’s what I see as the logical conclusion of Tony Campolo’s theology (and the other guy, too…sorry, I didn’t catch his name), for even the other interviewee there said that that is precisely the enemy Jesus had in mind when He said, “love your enemies”.

    Does “loving” one’s enemy preclude him from showing swift action in order to protect his own life (or someone else’s) in the face of danger? And does showing immediate action in the face of danger stand in opposition to loving his enemy? Romans 13 comes to mind.

    Your thoughts/reactions/responses?