Friday, May 21, 2010

india day one

After a long trip from detroit to chicago,then to new delhi i arrived at midnight in an urban cross between new york and a toilet. The smell hits you like a dirty dish rag when you get off the plane and the 115 degree heat doesn't disappear with the sunshine.

Still, it feels cool to be halfway around the world.

I'm not sure what to expect on this trip. I'm here, primarily, just to meet our missionaries and see what they're doing. I want to know if i could bring a team from the winds to India - like we did in South Africa - but the first step is seeing for myself what's happening on the ground level.

I love travel, especially new places, so i'm excited to be doing this.

I have this back-of-my-mind suspicion that God wants to show me something on this trip. So, even while watching The Wire and reading fiction, i keep ring to open myself up the the Spirit and invite Him to speak.

So far, i feel a strong sense of His pleasure, a strong sense of gratitude for this experience, and a strong (and even overwhelming) sense of being covered in prayer by the folks back home.Which is cool...i'm not sure i've ever actually felt prayed for before (even though i always knew there were people praying). This time, i can feel it.

I miss C and the kids, but its bearable thus far. We had great family time before i left, and that always helps.

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