Thursday, May 17, 2007


i've been working for months now on something new for westwinds

to be fair, i've not been working alone on this
jvo and randy have been heavily involved
as have most of our staff [and elders], in one form or another

and so have many of my friends from other countries, places, and backgrounds

as well as the numerous authors [like capra, myers, foster, weston, senge, merton] and thinkers [sweet, dad, richardson], and artists [warhol, yorke, and anyone who's ever been featured in communication arts]

which is all very cool

because - here at the middle-end - i feel like we truly have something significant to offer our church.

coming this september, we'll be unloading a truly open-source, self-emerging, missional ecclesiology that will allow each person who participates to learn/grow/exhcange/experience/think/believe/love/care/know god & our world in new ways.

and i'm really looking forwards to that

it may be the one great contribution we're able to offer our church

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