Thursday, May 03, 2007

the eyes of morgoth

i've just begun reading "the children of hurin", which is a tolkien narrative reprinted by christopher tolkien and taken from his father's notes.

the book takes place about 6500yrs. before the lord of the rings
and tells of a family cursed by morgoth

[morgoth was sauron's master
whom many believe to be the figure of lucifer in the supra-allegory
into which lotr is placed]

in the introduction, we're told that morgoth curses hurin
by giving him his eyes

hurin only ever sees the world through the eyes of morgoth

we might do well to think of this as a curse that abides today

if we're honest
many of us continue to suffer under such a curse
seeing our entire reality
through the eyes of corruption and malice

the great struggle of christian spirituality may, in fact, be to break this curse

to swap out the eyes of morgoth

for the light of christ

i realize that relating christianity to the writings of jrr tolkien is almost passe
but i also feel like the curse of seeing a distorted reality
is perhaps the most prevalent curse
within the church
within the world

and within our hearts

may we all have an experience like paul on the road to tarsus
and see the world truly

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