Monday, February 11, 2008

i'd volunteer

my good friends mark and jaylene have recently had another child - leeallen, a baby girl.

they were saddened and torn at her birth to discover that leeallen has downe's syndrome.

after roughly a week of genuine anguish and disappointment - from one of the most grounded, spiritual, and godly couples i've ever met - mark and jaylene experienced a transformation in their outlook, their mood, and their grief.

mark put it this way to me last night on the phone: what if God has a certain number of downe's babies that must be born each year into our world...what if they just have to come, for some reason or another...their lives will be so difficult...if i knew that those babies had to be born, i'd volunteer to take one.

god knows, mark

richest blessings on your beautiful, generous, holy family


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