Sunday, February 03, 2008

theology of beauty - how???

'how can normal people talk about the theology of beauty?'

perhaps the best thing to do in any conversation about art and beauty is to listen – to allow others to tell you what they find beautiful and meaningful – and then begin to ask yourself questions like the following:

• What about their response would Jesus approve of? What would Jesus find beautiful about their perspective?
• What do I agree with this person on? How can I affirm them in the noble and redemptive things they see here?
• Is there a similar feeling or experience that I’ve previously had that I might share with this person? Would it be appropriate now to do so?

Remember, all the beauty in the world ultimately comes from and reflects God. Don’t be afraid to talk about things you find beautiful, or to ask questions about what others find beautiful – God is present in it all.

Similarly, don’t feel the need to force God into the conversation. Ask the Spirit to guide you about when it would be appropriate, or well received, to share your own experience of faith. Be sensitive. No one like to feel like they were ‘just talking with a friend’ only to have that friend turn into a ‘bible thumper.’

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