Monday, July 27, 2009

test-run: intro to archetypes atlas

People are like snowflakes, 




So listen up, Snowflake, your individuality isn’t just something for you to feel good about, it’s a key component of your identity and mission in this world.

That’s right – who you are, in large part, will help you understand what you’re supposed to do.

God made people to look after this world, and to look after one another, and to look after ourselves in relationship to Him.  God designed us as stewards – like butlers for the Earth-mansion – and our primary task in this life is to be obedient to God and His designs for our lives.

What – specifically – are those designs?  Well, we get to choose.  

Based on our personality, 

our experience, 

our learning style and our kind of intelligence, 

based on our spiritual gifts and our sacred pathways, 

we choose what we want to do 

to cooperate with God 

in healing the world 

we choose what we want to do 

for work 

or play 

what our hobbies and our interests are 

who we will love 

and what we will wear.

We get to choose a lot.

But to be good – to be good stewards, good lovers and followers of the God who made us all – every choice we make should be in service to this one ideal: 

healing the world.

The world is sick, 















and icky.

In short, it’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

It’s not the way God made it.

That’s where you come in.


Your unique gifts and abilities, 

your singular perspective on this world, 

in this life, 

with those around you 

has been given to you by God 

so you can cooperate with Him 

in healing the world 

in setting everything wrong back to rights 

big and small 

near and far 

noticeable and unnoticed 

but present nonetheless.

So this book, Archetypes, is designed to help you figure out who you are and what you should be doing to be obedient to God, to your calling as His steward, and to love every minute of it.

So get crackin’, Snowflake, the world’s going to hell in a hand basket unless you decide to dive in and do your part.  Good news is, once you learn your part you’re gonna love it, you’re gonna rock it, and pretty soon it’ll be you who gets to poke and prod, provoke and plague the newbies about their need to get in the game too.



  1. just decided today, before seeing this post, that i was going to do a series in january for our students about autonomy/uniqueness. looks like i'll have a good read before then.

    keep rockin it!


  2. I think that Mr/Ms Snowflake may be your next children's book. Go for it