Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Carmel and Anna have been away for almost a week, visiting family in Canada. Jake and I have been enjoying "dude week." We've been eating pizza and staying up late, watching movies and exploring the woods around our house, playing with the dog and playing video games. It's been so great.

It also means I've been working fairly short in-office hours (leaving every day as soon as Jake finishes school), then working at home after he goes to sleep. Mostly, these days, my work is focused on church leadership stuff: new elders and nominess, staff searches, plans for the upcoming youth center and new campus, etc.

Which is a switch, because usually I'm much more focused on writing and speaking.

Two things have freed me up for more of the leadership piece: first, I've been leaving my imac at home and only working on my ipad, which is frustrating, and forces me to abbreviate all computer-related work (sorry if any emails you've received have been abupt or terse :); second, Jvo is writing the next ww series ("King Me"), a short 3-week-er that will fill the gap between Monsters and Advent. I'll be doing some of the teaching for King Me, but he did all the writing (which my wife especially appreciated, given that 'writing weeks' are pretty tough on the allied home front).

Of all the stuff I've been focusing on, I think the most rewarding part has been searching for staff. The search has got me thinking about the future, setting my intention on the good things God is doing and the good things he will continue to do with and through and around us.

It's exciting.

Anyway - that's me, now.

Only 1 day of dude week left, and then back to vegetables.


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