Thursday, December 09, 2010

there are so many things to be thankful for

one of the unique challenges of public life - political, pastoral, etc - is that you can't really share the things you're going through because (normally) anything bad is directly tied to another person in your life that matters in your church, or city or whatever.

which means, when you're hurting - you hurt alone.

i generally refuse to talk about the things that bother me with any but my closest, closest friends, because any frustrations or difficulties i encounter are usually due to other church and/or kingdom people. i don't want anyone else to know my business, and i certainly don't want anyone else's reputation to suffer because (even in code, or indirectly) i have expressed my frustration with them on a blog, or in a sermon, or at a local restaurant.

consequently, you'll never hear me talk about that lady who always posts those things on facebook; or that guy who always sends those letters; or the person with the issue that they cannot drop; or, whatever

(those, by the way, are not real examples of stuff i wrestle with...which is sort of the point)

anyway - suffice to say this week has been hard. there have been some challenges. i don't want to talk about those challenges, really, i just want to express my gratitude to god for being there in the midst of those challenges

he sustains
he heals
he comforts
and he gets me through

i have anything i need, and more than i could ever want. my life is rich in every conceivable way that matters, and my wealth comes from god.

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