Monday, December 20, 2010

the transformer nativity

on saturday, jake and anna and i played out the christmas story with jake's transformers for about three hours. it was a blast. afterwards, i decided to take some fotos and cobble them together into a comic book for him.

here is the final project



  1. This is awesome, Dave!

  2. This is Way Cool! You are so creative! When do you have TIME to do all that - and ponder, and study, and research, and preach the awesome messages you give us???
    I'll say it again, you are truly Gifted by God, and also a Gift from God. Praying for you that Satin will keep his hands off you, your family, your ministry, and all facets of your life.
    You are much appreciated and I'm sure your family feels the same.

    Patty Neill