Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Time for another live stream solution

This past Sunday I noticed that our livestreaming app (, which we use to broadcast The Que (our weekend worship experience) over the internet has been selling ad space over top of our broadcast.

Not banner ads, mind you - full screen ads that completely obscure our video feed and give no opportunity for the viewer to close the ad.

At all.

You have to watch the ad, full screen, if you want to watch westwinds live.

Which wouldn't be so bad, except that the ads run about every 3-4 minutes (I saw the same ad 4 times this Sunday before I got up to teach).

And, it wouldn't be soooo bad if the ads weren't (a) a budweiser beer commercial, complete with girls in bikinis and mardi gras beads drinking, dancing, sweating, and touching; and (b) some ad for a sports coupe featuring a "well-endowed" woman with bleached blond hair who is being vigorously shaken by her driver (do I need to point out what kind of video footage is produced when a camera is aimed at such a woman's chest?) as he quickly jerks the car side to side, causing her to bounce jubilantly.

So bad.

So, this week, we're looking for a new video service. Any suggestions?

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