Monday, September 20, 2010

tough sluggin'

one of my favorite lines ever written came during the afterward of George RR Martin's A Storm of Swords: this one was a bitch.

ever since reading those words, i've been tempted to steal them and use them in reference to pretty much every teaching atlas we've ever done.

apparently, i run the scriptural equivalent of a kennel - every single one is a you-know-what.

but none, i think, more so than this current project Monsters, which is too bad because i've been itching to write this one for a long time. thing is, between just getting back from sabbatical and writing Shadowing God, and having to travel to houston, dallas, seattle, bellingham, and vancouver i was forced to write the bulk of Monsters in hotel rooms on my ipad.

thankfully, i've got a great editor in Caleb Seeling, and he's been helping me refine and retool my thoughts so as to approximate something like cohesive prose.

but now i'm coming to the end of the writing - should wrap all that up tonight - and then i'll be laying this sucker out in a big and beautiful A4 hardcover with plenty of illustrations (think Dr. Suess, for adults).

and it'll be worth it.

i love monsters, just as I'm loving Monsters now that it's taken shape and am confident you will too.


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