Tuesday, January 01, 2008

africa 2

We saw some pretty incredible things today - 2 prides of lions, buffalo, elephants within 20+metres, giraffes, monkeys...it was something else.

The actual god-stuff came into play a bit more truly today as well, I'm always an advocate of the 'everything is spiritual' motif, but - if I'm honest - I'd been disappointed so far with the 'pretty much just a safari' nature of the trip up to this point; so, I was glad that we began cultivating the explicitly spiritual and ministerial aspects today.

I asked len how vince beresford was doing in the program and he said really well. He told me that vince was his best student - which is really cool. I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable with the way our story together ended; so it feels nice to hear that he's succeeding and performing well in his new life.

I miss carmel and the kids a lot - though I've been able to get them some really cool gifts and I think that'll make the homecoming that much easier. Truly I have a wonderful family and nothing anywhere in the world could ever diminish or replace their beauty in my life.

Which makes me hope this whole experience is worth it. On the one hand - of course it is! - this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and anybody would be a fool to pass it up; on the other hand, I'm still mystical enough to believe that god has something in particular in store for me this trip and I'd like some clarity as to what that may be. It may be refueling, reorientation, comfort, clarity, security, peace, discomfort, alarm, burden, prophecy, direction, hearing, future perspective - anything really...I don't want to limit him by supposing I know what it is...but I also feel like I really couldn't tell you what I need right now.

I have so much and I'm grateful and thankful and spectacularly happy with all that god has provided for my family and I. Maybe I'll think some more about a few areas: parenthood, marriage, writing, speaking, creating, leadership, ministry at ww, ministry in general, randy, budget, vancouver, film venues, and personal spiritual development. It's funny though, even as I write down all of these diverse categories I still don't feel any special burden for any of then. It is possible that I'm simply recovering from burn out and I'm intelligent enough to know that I shouldn't push it too hard, but I don't like that answer so I don't want to accept it too quickly.

More later...
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