Monday, January 07, 2008

africa 7

Callie talked about the 5 basics of learning to trak in the veldt [find the track/spoor, follow the obvious route {aka where would you go if you were the animal}, if you lose track of the spoor keep heading along the same trajectory - don't panic - and see if you find more tracks 30ft up, keep your head up, if you lose the track completely go back to where you were last sure you had it and begin again], noting that the most important thing to track in real life is ourselves.

Taking some of his points about tracking in this light I've begun to ask myself some questions about the future.

What is the obvious direction of my track/spoor? Where does it look like I'm heading? Why? What's taking me there?

If I were to change direction, what is the second (or third) alternative that would alter my course? What would cause this? Why?

If I lose my way, what is the spot to which I will return in order to regain my bearings?

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