Saturday, January 05, 2008

africa 5

Len talked tonight about the metaphor of the church as a pc.

He says that our interface should be EPIC, but our OS should be run by (our original/ACTS 2/GEN 1&2) an MRI OS.

He says the church is in the process of being defragged by god, which is likely to be followed by a reboot of our OS.

Our current (aka BAD) OS is APC
Attractional - bring people to church and that will make the great comission come true
Propositional - focus on doctrine and dogma
Colonial - make every church look the same, a WASP congregation with a quaker hymnal

Our original OS is MRI
Missional - where everyone has a ministry to the church and a mission to the world
Relational - because truth is right relationship
Incarnational - go and become immersed in the culture around you and speak the gospel in their language

- remember, christianity is the only religion that no longer speaks the language of its founder

- we are all called to GO, 2/3 of GOD is GO

NOTE - even though APC is not the OS for which we're designed, we have to recognize that there will always be some APC that occurs if we're effective at MRI; but those things should always be concordant, not the aim in-and-of-themselves

p.s. sorry for the scattered post...decrypt at your leisure

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