Friday, December 12, 2008


been spending A LOT of time reading these last two are some samples

the graveyard book (novel), by neil gaiman...excellent - highly recommend...creepy book about a kid raised by ghosts in a cemetary

god and empire (theology), by john dominic crossan...excellent - highly recommend...except for the parts where he denies jesus' deity and resurrection (tough to overlook, admittedly)

satan and the problem of evil (theology) by greg boyd...excellent - highly recommend (for dorks)

a feast for crows (novel), by george rr martin...amazing - best series ever (soon coming to HBO)..."high" fantasy for renaissance fair clowns

a little book you'll actually read on... (series of short books) by mark driscoll - not great, don't recommend

rejesus (theology) by alan hirsch and michael frost...pretty good, though a little academic...standard fair for folks at the winds...recommend for keeners

the watchman (graphic novel) by alan moore...overrated, but fun

death by love (theology) by mark driscoll...excellent - recommend (a head-ier version of the same concept for our "images of atonement" series and teaching atlas)

the drama of scripture (theology) by craig bartholomew and michael goheen...solid, helps make sense of narrative theology...recommend

a spiritual formation workbook (discipleship) by james bryan smith and lynda graybeal...recommend - excellent workbook for a formation group (used by several ww satellites)

reimagining church (theology) by frank viola...strangely compelling despite its many, violent, not recommend unless you've spent the last 15 years studying church history, theology, and know your bible inside and out...viola tells a million little white lies that - if undetected - could be very damaging

anyway...lots more to go this holiday season (i'm on a roll and LOVE this part of my job)


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