Saturday, December 06, 2008

reformed theology is MAC OS

catholic and reformed theology are, in my mind, akin to MAC OS.
they are easy to use and quick to learn. the OS is intuitive and you always know where to get answers. they only work with their own software, however, and much of their energy goes towards advertising the flaws in other operating systems. plus, they prohibit you from doing anything other than exactly what they want you to do.

to unpack the metaphor: these theologies have got everything figured out. they sew up all complexity neatly and tidily. they leave no stone unturned.

or so they think

in actuality, there are a million little questions for which these theologies have no good answer...and you'll be damned straightaway is you start asking them. furthermore, if you ever find some of their "perfect" answers less than perfect, you'll be considered a heretic and promptly be subjected to church discipline.

when these theologies work, they work great - lives are transformed, people find faith in christ jesus, etc.

but when they don't work things fall apart fast - leading to violent and harsh beliefs, lack of love, and love of religion instead of the way of jesus.

contemporary examples of the good OS: pope john paul II, ronald rolheiser, mother theresa, ed setzer, john piper

historical examples of the bad OS: hitler, tsar nicholar II, sam bowens (founder of the KKK)

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