Friday, December 19, 2008

theology of the city

i'm doing a little work this week on the theology of cities...salvation for cities...urban renewal...second hope for a soured city...etc.

it's fascinating stuff, but really difficult to find anything worth reading on it.

so, i'm doing a lot of prophetic reading, a lot of study in ezra/nehemiah, and a lot of comparisons between genesis 1-4 and revelation 21-22.

and it's been very cool (though, it's a little early to share any real conclusions yet).

my big feeling, though, which has been haunting me over the last few months is this:

the church is broken
just as the world is broken
and we're refusing to acknowledge that our mission to redeem the world alongside god
is more important than anything

than anything at all whatsoever

what so ever

and i'm feeling really buggered up by our lack of concern to heal the world
and our lack of impatience with the church-as-it-stands
and our lack of passion, verve, commitment, intelligence, and frustration
focused on seeing things transform for the better

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  1. awesome thoughts..the beginning of genesis/end of revelation connections are huge..

    here are a few resources I put together for a class

    Keep up the great work