Thursday, April 30, 2009

books i read at Q

everything belongs, by richard rohr - this is one of the modern classics, something i'd never gotten around to reading. it was great. easy to understand, but with a wealth of insights into the interior life.

chrysalis, by alan jamieson - jamieson compares spiritual formation to the developmental stages of a caterpillar/butterfly. the book was fantastic, with real truth contextualized in ways that made sense.

a new christian manifesto, by bob eckblad - recommended to me by my friend paul hughes, this is a charimastic-activist-intellectual's best dream come true. at times thoughtful, disturbing, and provocative i'm really enjoying this book (got a couple chapters still to go)

everyone gets to play, by john wimber - this is just like "the way is in is the way on", full of stories about the late vineyard founder. read either, but not both.

the pearl gates of cyberspace, by margaret wertheim - excellent!! compares the internet to heaven, looks critically at our interactions in's a bit academic for most folks, but very accessible for anyone who's been through college. absolutely fantastic read.

1&2 Corinthians - in preparation for today's lunch with tim and our ongoing biblical excavation.

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