Thursday, April 02, 2009

not gonna work

after a little personal deliberation, i just don't think this will work. i like it - a lot - and i don't mind if a few church folks get ruffled feathers...but i don't believe that every parent will end up sitting down every impressionable child and explain to them what the image is really about. and i don't want to be responsible for normalizing heroine in the mind of a little kid.

anyway - here it is


  1. thanks for posting it here, i really feel in my gut the aspect of Jesus' sacrifice it brings up. the metaphor of a heroine addict so desperately needing a fix, his body screaming for it, really paints a brutal and powerful picture of our need for Christ.

    even more than i appreciate your relevance, creativity, and originality, i appreciate the discernment you are exercising by choosing to not use this image in fusion. good call bro, for the reasons you listed.

  2. so after reading the story with Jake I just needed to find said poster. I agree with Tim M but am also jealous of him looking so intelligently sexy and all i send up on my avatar is my boy looking goofy! (in truth, i'll take goofy! i'm not ready to use the kind of photo common to a back sleeve bio!!)