Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grrrl Power

I mentioned in our Q Reflections how much i enjoyed Heather Larson from Willow Creek: she was intelligent, insightful, and keenly interested in assisting others through endeavors of social justice and mission.

Hearing Heather got me thinking about all the other great gals i admire, so i thought i'd throw a few names out there for others to investigate.

Here, then, are my girl heroes:

Nancy Ortberg - leadership guru, and wife of pastor John Ortberg...a great communicator with sharp awareness of how leadership actually works. Her latest book is Unleashing the power of Rubber Bands: lessons in non-linear leadership. You can buy it here.

Nancy Beach - worship/arts pioneer...has had a huge impact on worship ministry. Her latest book is Gifted to Lead and you can buy it here.

Margaret Feinberg - author...has a charming voice delving deeply into spiritual formation. The Sacred Echo (my favorite of her two books) can be purchased here.

Anne Lamott - my FAVORITE author on spiritual formation EVER...of her collection of "Christian" writings, my favorite is Traveling Mercies. Buy it here if you want life to suck less.

Sally Morgenthaler - THE preminant leader/speaker on alternative forms of worship. Worship Evangelism is perhaps the top-rated book on worship and the arts from the late-20th C. Buy it here.

Frederica Matthews-Green - this gal has some provocative things to say from an Eastern Orthodox perspective...i was introduced to her work by Len Sweet. Check out The Illuminated Heart here.

Dorothy Sayers - as an activist and common hero, Sayers' quotes litter all of my favorite naturally i've bought all her stuff and love her too. Most relevant maybe her book Are Women Human? Check it out here.

Mother Theresa - can any list of modern female heroes NOT include Mother Theresa. Buy Come Be My Light here.

Now, i also have some historical gems that deserve to be noticed:

St Theresa of Avila (get the Way of Perfection)
Julian of Norwhich (get a Divine Revelation of Love)
Mechthild of Magdeburg (get the Flowing Light of the Godhead)

These last few, of course, are a little tougher to read, but they all focus on more mystical, sensual, and creation-oriented approaches to Spirituality.

anyway - hope this helps build out your lass library a little further.



  1. revmacd5:30 PM

    Girl hero list addition... don't forget,
    Angelina Jolie (Laura Croft: Tomb Raider)

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I'd like to add a few more to your list:

    Jonalyn Fincher
    Sara Miles
    Shauna Niequist