Thursday, April 30, 2009

post-Q reflections 1: Why I think Shane Hipps is wrong about cell phones

I also found it funny that Shane Hipps - of all people - was one of the only people who chose to send text messages on his iphone during the session where Ted Haggard spoke vulnerably about his sin and fall from public ministry. Given Shane's comments about "being present" I thought this made for a comical irony.

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  1. Thanks for articulating some of the things that I've been thinking about. I agree with Shane's comments about shadow and agree that I probably haven't considered them as much as I should have, but my experience with social media is that it has only enhanced and broadened my relationships introducing me to new people and ideas I otherwise wouldn't have been exposed to. I've also had some really significant conversations with people over social media but to reveal their content would be to break an implied sacred trust. Flippantly, while Shane was talking I wondered if the Holy Spirit was Jesus 2.0. :-)