Friday, August 20, 2010

Is there a better way to talk about the interior life?

I'm getting ready to lock myself in my office and write the long-in-the-making "shadowing god" book. It's kind of my whole take on what it means to be spiritual, how to live in the spirit, and how to be guided and governed by christ in real life.

But writing this book raises a common concern for me; namely, how can we talk about being led by the spirit in every moment without sounding like either john wimber (who seems only to appeal to hippies), henry nouwen (who seems only to appeal to monks and nuns), or joyve meyer (who seems only to appeal to charismatic women over 40)?

I should qualify...i personally love the writings of all 3 of the aforementioned, but i'm probably not representative of most young fathers.

So, how can we talk about being led by the spirit in ways that make sense to the financier? The football coach? The graphic designer? The math professor?

The great spiritual writers of the last several hundred years have all seemed to come from the same basic personality and social predisposition. None of them resemble the jocular monk from "chasing francis." its impossible to find a clever wink, a knowing smile, or a mischievious chortle. And yet, from my own experience and the myriad of colorful folks i've been privleged to meet, i know you can be governed by the spirit and still laugh til your blue in the face, sing poorly (yet boisterously) in the face of dispair, and enjoy good meals with new friends while learning more and more and more of the goodness of God.

So where is all of that in the compendium of christian spirituality?

And how can i bring it in a simple little book i'm writing for my church?

Time will tell, and - hopefully - so will "shadowing god"

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