Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stuff: a new editor, a new jeep, a new mortgage

My friend - and usual editor - Caleb is on vacation with his family right now, so his friend Mike Morrell ( is filling in and editing "shadowing god" for westwinds. Working with a new editor is always a bit nerve-wracking - will they retain the voice and tone i want, while correcting the mistakes i've made, etc - but the most nerve-wracking part of any westwinds' project is the deadline.

We make lots of great stuff quickly, and if you miss a deadline, chances are we've already moved onto the next project.

We put out.

Anyway, Mike seems like a decent guy and I'm sure he'll do all that's required to get this book to the printer, and into the lobby, on time.


At the end of my sabbatical i sold my land rover and bout a 2007 jeep wrangler. I loved the land rover - the "disco" to my kids and "eileen" to everyone else - but all used cars are ticking bombs and we were nervous this one was about to go off.

I love the new jeep - wihch my kids have dubbed "the bullet"

I am looking for a hardtop for it, so please keep your eyes peeled. The 2007 and newer wranglers have a special hard top, the "freedom top"' and i'm trying to find one for $1000 or less (for thqt price, it will need to be used).


This week marked the closing of our new mortgage. We got a better rate, lower monthly payment, and fewer years in exchange for a horrible experience, arrogant customer service, and generally dehumanizing treatment.

I hate 53rd bank, and almost didn't sign the mortgage just to spite them, but in the end it was just easier to save the money and resent the bank.

The thing i miss most about canada is the banks. I've often joked that america is the "land of the fee" and the "home of the bank" and i felt that acutely this week.

Still,, i shouldn't complain, i will save some money; but it always feels like you're trading away a part of yourself when you do business with people who treat you like an integer.

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