Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fantastically encouraging day

Had a great breakfast with mum and dad, then coffee with my friend rob teasdale - we talked Jesus and finance - Lunch with dad at Earl's (just like old times) and then to visit Paul and Heidi Hughes - my model for remarkable intelligence coupled with devout faith and supernatural expectation - then (belated) birthday dinner with my family (including dwayne + staci + their kids), a hot tub with vince and dwayne, an 11pm showing of the international (complete with poutine and a polish sausage no less) and now home to read a little more on the resurrection-hope of second temple Judaism before bed.


I miss my wife and kids :)

My time with Paul and heidi was particularly cool...had great conversation and was introduced to soaking prayer. we ended our time together with prayer for each other, which was special because we've all had our share of experiences in the last 4 years and are marked by them...in good ways...that sponsor thanksgiving together

I've said it many times: I feel blessed and happy and lucky in this life. God is so very good. I hope - with everything I have - that my children begin to see how specifically and acutely God works on our behalf.

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