Friday, March 13, 2009

Reflecting on friendship

One of my lifelong failures concerns friendship. I form attachments fast - I become friends with people WAY before they begin considering me a friend.

While this may, at first, sound supercool on my part it's really not.

Because most people can't cope with the kind of friend I tend to be.

I tend to be curious despite long absences and ruthlessly sincere in all moments.

Anyway...I suppose the only reason I'm writing about this now is because I'm having a good time with my friends Vince and Deb...while also excited about seeing all my other friends in Van...and missing Jvo and the crew at the winds...and really missing my best and sexy friend Carmel.

PS don't be deceived: travel is not suck and restaurants all taste the same by day 4 :)

1 comment:

  1. travel sucks.
    Curious despite long absences, ruthlessly sincere...(lol elipses) sounds like a Sialon to me! use the scanner on yourself, if you dare!