Monday, March 23, 2009

"you've gotta do a better job of getting it out there"

these were len's famous (and formative) words to Jvo and I on Orcas Island.  He was super-complimentary about the winds - told us that there was no one doing the stuff we were doing, that we were underestimating our potential for impact, etc - but he nailed us for doing such a poor job of resourcing the church.

he said that the purpose of R & D isn't just to experiment, but to provide models of experiments that others can replicate.

A + for experimentation

C+ for modeling and replication

it was a very important conversation for Jvo and I to have together with Len (yesterday am over breakfast), because we both get really nervous about being self-aggrandizing.

His advice?  

"Get over it...your job is to carve new paths, and you have to tell people what works for you and why or else you're just working too hard for a local church that probably doesn't fully understand how significant this truly is."


p.s. that "quote" above was really more a smashing-together of a 15minute manifesto...which we're both still processing :) 

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  1. i agree with len. it's been refreshing that you both have resisted any 'self-aggrandizing" since we know what 'the winds' did not need when you both came along.
    but len is right. get over your bad selves and move forward by the spirit's power.
    i've been so excited since the step up initiative kicked in. i felt like you all probably didn't realize the permission (2nd movement in the ipac statement, right?) that the congregation already has for you to move forward.
    blessings man, keep it up and thanks for who you are.