Friday, March 13, 2009

Of Course

Of course there's a bunch of weirdness and nonsense at this conference I'm at

Of course there is an unhealthy emphasis on money

Of course there is a severe imbalance towards tongues over and against the other gifts

Of course the teaching uses scripture in a at that will make most theologians uncomforable

Of course the my-church-is-bigger-than-your-church attitude feels like a pissing contest

Of course!

But...regardless of how they abuse it, I can't ignore that - in my life at least - the financial principle of sowing and reaping has always worked, been spiritually rewarding, and taught me to trust God more

But...for all their made-up teaching they do place a special emphasis on the importants of renewing your mind with the Word and I'd love to see that fostered in more of our people

But...their worship - while "vainglorious" at times - is concerned MOST with getting people into God's presence and keeping them there A LONG TIME

But...they do not coddle failure or tolerate stupidity in ministry - when u fail, they help u start again better

These guys are flawed - like us, tho maybe in different ways - but they're real

I watched all of the big wigs serve meals and deserts to pastors, eat last, take the leftovers, and spend time just talking with the small folk and it was pretty cool

I may not want to climb back into this stream of ministry, but I'm glad I've come because I'd remembered their flaws and forgotten all of their example

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  1. Good thoughts. I needed that reminder too.