Monday, March 23, 2009


got home around 7am this morning from my 13 day trip to the pacific northwest.  

all told, i read 18 books, 
attended 2 conferences and 7 services from 4 very different churches, 
met about 2 dozen new friends in ministry of very like-mind to the winds, 
was able to get together with 3 very significant spiritual voices in my life (rob, paul, rob d) and thank them for their influence, 
spent 3 days with mom and dad and 2 days with len sweet and jvo.

so...i'm a little tired :)

the trip was very good, though, and i feel like i've come away with 4 or 5 big things that will ultimately shape the future of the winds - not in huge-right-hand-turn kinds of ways, but in renewed emphases and sharpened insights, etc.

anyway - i'm happy to be home and especially to be with my kids

thanks you, god!

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