Monday, March 23, 2009

last of the trip reading

finished resurrection by eugene peterson - again, this was a great book...devotional, but still thought provoking

resurrection: history and myth, by geza vermes - this guy is one bitter, secular, jewish bible scholar...the book has good info, but the tone is a bit much to take all at once

resurrection: the power of god for christians and jews, by jon levinson and kevin madigan - solid book that takes an excellent beginner's look into jewish apolcalytic and the history of belief in a literal bodily resurrection

twilight, by stephanie myers - my guilty pleasure on the red eye flight home

fan the flame, by rob decotes - rob was a very important voice to me as a young pastor...he introduced me to the contemplative life, deconstructed the "magic" of church growth and really taught me how to pray...he has a sequel that i bought for lori (she tends toward the contemplative, i think)

resurrection: interpreting the easter gospel, by rowan williams - this is dry (dry as a banana pancake in the sahara), but he has some really great thoughts...though, i'll admit, i tend to despair when there's such a huge emphasis on justice without any commensurate emphasis on discipleship

city of god (book 1), by st.augustine - i read this as a refresher...there's a young guy at the winds who's expressed interest in historical theology and he'd read book 1 before i left.  maybe this will give us something to talk about

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