Saturday, January 17, 2009

best TV show ever!

listen, i like LOST, 24, and Fringe...

but nothing - not anything in the world - comes even close to battlestar galactica.

now - i know what you're thinking [dave's a sci-fi nut...he's canadian...he's writing "sin monkey" for cryin' out loud], but you can't even call yourself a real person until you've watched this show and let it blow your mind.

hands down.

greatest show on TV.

tonight's mid-season premiere? amazing...3 big sha-zaam type moments where [unlike in LOST] the plot twists made excellent sense and felt like they were the natural result of life gone wrong in a wild universe.

if Jesus made a TV show...even he would have to admit that Battlestar Galactica is only marginally the second best show on earth.

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  1. Amy Auel8:50 PM

    ooh, sounds like a challenge...may just have to check it out, especially since we're huge LOST, 24 and Fringe fans