Wednesday, January 14, 2009

first, second, and third testament woes

my wife told me that her friends mocked me at their bible study this week.

woe to you, you wicked harpies :)

[just kidding]

anyway, the cause of their mockery was my new tendency to refer to the old testament as the first testament, and the new testament as the second testament. try and save some face for my dear [and remarkably holy] wife, i thought i'd quickly explain why i've begun doing this. two reasons:

  1. this past spring i spoke for the US Airforce Academy and I used the term "old testament." in the room were several practicing Jews and one exceptional rabbi...all of whom took great offense to the idea that the Hebrew Bible was "old", or "washed up", or "passe." so, in an effort to honor our spiritual ancestors and be sensitive to the movement of God in and around these people I began intentionally using the term "first testament" which was given to me some months earlier by len sweet. which brings me to the next reason...
  2. len has always encouraged me to see my life as a continuation of the story of God and this a kind of third testament, so to speak. once i was goofed with the rabbi, this idea came to mind and - since then - i can honestly say it's helped me to think of how i'd like my chapters of the book of acts to be written
so there...hopefully that helps a little.

though, please feel free to continue with your mockery. after all, we only tease the ones we love :)

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