Friday, January 16, 2009

hey - poetry guy - pound sand!

just read a skillfull, yet horribly distasteful, poem in one of my jesus-rags ["geez"]

it was a re-writing of a psalm by a Canadian anti-war poet,
comparing the injustice of US aggression in Iraq
to the Assyrian occupation of Israel.

In the poem, he promises God's retribution against western soldiers
and specifically describes our troops losing limbs to IEDs.

Now, i've got a brother in Iraq right now
and - regardless of my personal feelings on the war -
this poem is deeply offensive.

mr. poet,
just because you're young,
and educated,
and Canadian,
and have a voice,
doesn't give you the right to use your privilege
to suggest that God will blow my brother's legs off.

you're profoundly stupid to think that you can explain away your spite with clever rhetoric.

next time rhyme about something more iams or assonance

or those black berets and turtlenecks your friends wear while spend their parents' money.

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  1. ahahahahahahaha