Saturday, January 10, 2009

innovation conference

jvo keeps teasing me about this conference i'm going to, later on this month. it's a church leadership conference about [you guessed it] innovation...only, most of the presenters don't seem all that super-duper-innovative.

to be fair, when we look for inspiration for the winds we rarely look to others withn the church. most of those ideas feel, well, too "churchy". we usually look to TED conference, or fast company, or wired, or hollywood, etc.

but i'm gonna risk this one. i get the feeling that the innovations that will be most helpful to me will be those that focus on the business-leadership side of church rather than the presentation/architecture of worship.

and i'm okay with that.

if it sucks, no big deal - i've been to lots of sucky conferences in my 13year career.

if it's pretty good, great - there are only so many decent conferences...i'll file this one away for a drought year

if it's awesome, perfect - i'll tease jvo back with all "my" new ideas in february :)

anyway - wish me luck

innovation conference, january 27-28, 09

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    hope the seminar is awesome!