Friday, January 30, 2009

dave gibbons at innovation

i loved this guy...dave gibbons...he was the only true innovator at the innovation conference.

here are my bullets from his talk about becoming people of the future (as we bring the gospel to the world)

  1. the most important thing you can do is fuel creativity
  2. focus on the fringe of humanity, not the broad middle, because the fringe is either the leading edge creatively or the hurting tassels of cast-off humanity
  3. don't look for quick fixes to big problems - instead, develop holistic and sustainable approaches that consistently help people shadow God
  4. think critically about the ways in which your ministry intersects with the world, people's lives, and with the other streams of your other ministries...and then focus on those intersections far more than you focus on each individual stream
  5. the (truthfully) most important thing you can (really) do is seek God and pray

and, last but not least, while helping us understand why arguing about theology is a really dumb thing to do, dave said this:

the point of a mouse trap is to catch a mouse
the point of a fish hook is to catch a fish
the point of a word is to catch an idea

once that idea has been caught,
it is absolutely foolish to spend your time
arguing about the word used to convey the idea

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