Wednesday, January 14, 2009

working away...

i'm on day 3 of writing "sin monkey." just taking a break now for a quick shower and late lunch.

it's good stuff - the atlas, i mean, not the macaroni and cheese i'll shortly be eating

but i confess i feel stupider :) than normal, having just holed myself up only the week before last to finished my manuscript for navpress.

that's a lot of time in the hole.

of course, manscript time was invigorating - especially until carmel forbade me to smoke my pipe in the office - but writing sin monkey is good too.

it's funny, in all our fusion talks about shadowing god i realize we've only ever talked about relational and missional sins.

what i mean is, we focused our "don'ts" on things like family, friendship, ecology, justice, etc.

but we've not spoken much about piety.

we've not spoken a ton about the way we speak, the way we think, the inputs/outputs of our daily lives.

i wonder if that has as much to do with my upbringing as i suspect...or, if maybe that omission is telling of my own blindspots.

certainly anyone who knows me knows that i've always struggled with speech. when i'm angry or tired or frustrated or - sadly - even overly relaxed my speech is typically pg-13.

i'd like to change that.

it may always be the sin i struggle against most; but i do want to keep struggling. i can, of course, find ways to justify why it's "ok" to speak this way in most of the particular cases...but i know i'm just justifying my lack of self-control.

since i've already been justified for real, i'd like to keep working on making it obvious.

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