Friday, January 09, 2009

the good sad

during the course of this week and all that has accompanied the death of randy, i've been amazed at how good sadness can be.

i mean, we're all very sad. we loved randy and miss him very much.
but christ has offered us a completely different brand of sad - the good sad.

the good sad has few regrets, for randy has left us well and we honor him in our hearts

the good sad has very little bitterness, for we know that randy is far happier and more contented now than when he was here (even before he began suffering with his cancer)

the good sad asks questions but they are not furious, because we understand (in some measure) that god has not wasted randy's life...nor has he thrown it away...nor is so riduculously over-simplified answer been offered to us through scripture as to why randy left us now...we wrestle with our questions, but take comfort in the grandeur of a god who invites us to do so.

perhaps more than anything else during this time, i've been struck by how true and real christianity is.

looking at beth and seeing her courage and her faith...well, it's supernatural. she's not pretending to be joyful - she's actually filled with the light of christ as she rejoices in her dearly departed husband.

walking through westwinds i'm struck with the genuine love and enthusiasm to remember randy and wish him bon voyage. there is no falsehood in this...just jesus.

and it's very cool.

we have something peculiar in christ - the good sad

and i'm wonderfully thankful for it.

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